Poland deports 770 foreigners in 2021-22

Mateusz Marek/PAP

Poland's Border Guard (SG), since the beginning of 2021, has deported 770 foreigners who resided in the country illegally, an SG spokeswoman has told PAP.

In 2021, the SG deported 382 non-EU citizens, including 110 Iraqis, 102 Georgians, 15 Tajikistanis and 31 Vietnamese citizens, Anna Michalska told PAP on Monday.

Since January 2022, the SG has deported 388 citizens to their countries of origin. They included 147 citizens of Georgia, 110 of Iraq, 17 of Moldova, 12 of India and 15 of Vietnam.

The deportations are mostly carried out by plane, except for citizens of neighbouring countries, Michalska said.

The costs of the return plane tickets are generally paid in full by the EU border control agency Frontex, and in the remaining cases up to 75 percent of the cost is covered by EU funds, Michalska said.