Poland, Czech Republic defy Russian imperialism - MoD

Mariusz Błaszczak and Jana Cernochova meet in Warsaw on Thursday. Piotr Nowak/PAP

Both Poland and the Czech Republic strongly oppose President Vladimir Putin's attempts to restore the Russian Empire, the Polish defence minister said after talks with his Czech counterpart.

Mariusz Błaszczak and Jana Cernochova meet in Warsaw on Thursday. Their talks focused on working together within Nato, the EU and the Visegrad Group and on enhancing bilateral military cooperation, also between both countries' armaments industries.

After the meeting, Błaszczak said that the Polish-Czech partnership is important due to the challenges facing the whole of Europe.

"These challenges concern Russian aggression against Ukraine, these challenges concern Putin's attempts to rebuild the Russian Empire," he said.

"Both Poland and the Czech Republic are opposed to these tendencies," Błaszczak added.

He said that the two countries support Ukraine in its fight against Russia and also continue to strengthen their own troops.

"We have agreed... to build interoperability between our armed forces," Błaszczak said.

The two ministers also discussed an initiative to supply armed forces with fuel, brought up earlier on the Nato forum.

"I think it can be used on the European Union forum... and, additionally, make us independent from Russian blackmail, said Błaszczak

"We have problems with Putin's treatment of energy supplies as a weapon, so we should take such weapons out of his hands. Independence from Russian blackmail by diversifying sources of energy supplies is one of the examples," he said.