Poland carries out over EUR 11 bln in road investments

Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP

Poland's national road authority, the GDDKiA, is currently conducting road investments to the tune of PLN 54 billion (EUR 11.46 billion), the GDDKiA announced in a Monday press release.

The GDDKiA added that the length of roadways it is developing comes to a total of 1,443.5 kilometres.

"Ninety-nine tasks of the government's National Road Building Programme for the years 2014-2023 are currently being carried out to a length of 1,327.9 km and a value of PLN 52 billion (EUR 11.04 billion)," the GDDKiA wrote. "At this stage are also 15 ring roads from a programme to build 100 ring roads for the years 2020-2030, to a combined length of 115.6 km and a value of PLN 2 billion (EUR 420 million)."

The road authority also reported that this year alone it had signed 11 contracts for work on 120 km of roads to a value of almost PLN 4.8 billion (EUR 1.02 billion).

In addition, 18 projects from the 2014-2023 road-building programme to a combined length of 244 km are at the tendering stage and a further 80 projects from the programme are under preparation to a length of 1,803.6 km, as well as 85 ring roads from the 202-2030 programme to a length of 744 km, the GDDKiA reported.