Poland busts Russian spy network radio reports

Polish intelligence services have captured a Russian spy network said to have been planning sabotage attacks in Poland. ABW

Polish law enforcement services have cracked a Russian spy network, a national radio station has reported.

RMF FM said on its website on Wednesday that the group was preparing sabotage operations which could affect railway lines critical for the transport of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, including in the vicinity the Jasionka airport in south-eastern Poland, which is also used for such transports.

The arrests concern secret surveillance of railway routes near the airport in Rzeszów.PAP/Abaca

Six people have been detained, according to RMF FM. The broadcaster added that the detainees are foreign nationals from behind Poland's eastern border who are suspected to be working for Russian secret services.

"Owing to the activities of the network along railway lines and around domestic critical infrastructure, a security alert has been introduced," the website said.

"ABW (Internal Security Agency - PAP) agents detained them after the discovery of hidden cameras on important railway routes and junctions that were sending visual transmission over the internet," the radio said.

The agents who are thought to be from Belarus were seized after intelligence officers from Poland’s ABW found hidden cameras recording important railway routes for transferring weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. Pictured: ABW HQ in Warsaw.Wikipedia

Poland has increased the protection of key railway lines and crucial elements of infrastructure, according to RMF FM.

Mariusz Kamiński, minister of interior and coordinator of special services, will make a statement for the media at 11 am on Thursday, his deputy, Stanisław Żaryn, said on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.