Poland, Baltic states join forces on 5G Connected and Automated Mobility

Digital Affairs Minister Marek Zagorski and his counterparts from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have signed a memorandum summing up their countries' to-date cooperation in introducing 5G and Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) solutions.

The Monday-signed memorandum also approves a roadmap, agreed upon in 2019, for the construction of 5G and CAM corridors along the Via Baltica transport thoroughfare connecting the four countries.

Zagorski said after the signing that the 5G network was an important stimulant for innovative transport solutions and the improvement of traffic safety in the North Sea-Baltic Sea transport corridor.

The memorandum is part of a 5G and automated transport programme initiated by 29 European countries, including Poland, in a letter of intent signed in Rome on March 23, 2017.