Poland backs EC in combating disinformation

Poland supports the EC's plan to fight disinformation, Poland's European affairs minister Konrad Szymański said after a Tuesday meeting of EU European ministers in brussels.

Poland has voiced support for the action plan to combat disinformation prepared by the European Commission (...). We share the EC's conclusion that disinformation is one of the key problems hampering democracy in Europe," Szymański said.

He added that disinformation was a problem not only for the EU as a community, but also for the political stability of individual member countries, which often fall prey to hostile disinformation spread by third countries.

At the earlier European ministers' meeting Poland backed the EC's plans to raise the financing of the East Strategic Communication Task Force, a special EC team set to combat disinformation. The Commission also plans to call up two new bodies similar to the task force to battle disinformation in the Western Balkans and southern Europe.

The EC has also proposed more outlays on digital systems to process disinformation-related data, and wants to motivate large online operators like Google, Facebook or Twitter to join the anti-disinformation campaign.