Poland and Ukraine may have some divergent views says gov’t spokesperson

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

The interests of Poland and Ukraine may differ in several issues, but in many they coincide, the government spokesman said on Wednesday.

In an interview for Polish Radio Three, Piotr Mueller commented on a statement made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his meeting with EC President Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday. Zelensky had said that he was disappointed with the protectionist actions of his neighbours concerning Ukrainian grain.

Mueller said that the interests of both countries do coincide in many matters, but "in some areas they may differ."

"There are some situations in which certain interests cannot be reconciled and, we, as the Polish government, must represent Poland's interests," he added.

"We have informed the Ukrainian side on many occasions that this is an extremely important matter to us and, after the lack of an appropriate reaction, we had to take decisions that were in line with Poland's best interests," Mueller pointed out.

Asked if Poland would continue to introduce measures such as closing the border to some agricultural products, he replied: "I hope that this will not be necessary, because the European Commission sees that we are responding in a proper way."

The Polish border has been closed to grain and products from Ukraine since April 15.