Poland and Israel to strengthen cooperation in technology and start-ups

Innovation and Technology minister Jadwiga Emilewicz. Marcin Bielecki

Israel is often referred to as the ‘start-up nation’ and Poland wants to attract Israeli technology and start-up companies to Poland.

Innovation and Technology minister Jadwiga Emilewicz says: "Poland is interested in strengthening and expanding economic cooperation with Israel, especially in the fields of technology and start-ups". 

The minister was quoted in Israel’s leading economic newspaper Globes after attending last month’s Polish-Israeli Business Forum

Israel is often referred to as the ‘start-up nation’ and Poland wants to attract Israeli technology and start-up companies to Poland. 

Emilewicz said that Poland wanted the Polish entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge from their Israeli counterparts. "Poland is a huge market of 38 million people, but that's why small and medium-sized 

Polish entrepreneurs, on whom Polish development is based, find it hard to think globally. For them it is enough to offer their services to a third or a quarter of the Polish market,” Emilewicz told the Jewish edition of Globes.

The Polish Minister also said that one of the reasons it was important to hold the conference and meet companies from both countries was the benefit to Polish entrepreneurs, which can learn a lot from their Israeli counterparts about innovation and bring it to Poland. 

"Polish entrepreneurs can learn from the Israeli market about exports and global thinking. Today, although our growth is very fast, the annual GDP is growing by 5 percent and we are second only to Romania in the fastest developing countries in the European Union, we are still imitating existing things rather than innovating,” Emilewicz said. 

One of the key participants in the conference was Elroy Knebel, chairman of the Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, who said that the great advantage that Poland offers the Israeli market is high-quality personnel, at a low cost compared to other European countries. 

He said: ”The cost of workers for companies is half of the cost in Israel, and beyond that, the manpower is very high: the rate of higher education is one of the highest in the world. Polish programmers, for example, are first place in Europe and third place in the world after China and Russia in the ranking of Hacker Rank.”