Poland among top 20 destinations for investment in life sciences

Poland is among top 20 countries for investment in life sciences, like biotechnology, genetics and pharmaceutical chemistry, according to a report by a global real estate and investment company.

In 2020, the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region recorded a 72 percent growth of investment by life science companies, Colliers wrote in a report published on Monday.

A total of USD 81.5 billion has been invested into the business across EMEA since 2010, with job creation consistently above 5 percent year on year.

According to Colliers, Poland, along with Hungary, Spain, Italy and Russia, have found themselves among top 20 destination countries, having each exceeded USD 1 billion of corporate investment in the last decade.

Most new investment into the sector since 2010 has gone into the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, accounting for 59 percent of capital investment, ahead of R&D at 11.4 percent.