Poland among EU states with fewest number of foreigners

Poland and Romania are the two European Union countries with the lowest percentage of citizens from other countries living in their territories, the statistics office of the EU reported on Thursday.

According to Eurostat, in 2020, 23 million third-country nationals lived in the EU, which was equivalent to 5.1 percent of the entire population of the EU.

Moreover, the report showed that 13.5 million citizens from an EU country lived in the territory of another EU country.

Luxembourg was the EU member state with the highest percentage of citizens of other countries - they made up 47 percent of the total population of this country.

A high percentage of foreigners (10 percent or higher) was also recorded in Malta and Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

In contrast, foreigners constituted less than 1 percent of the population in Poland and Romania.

It was noted that non-EU nationals accounted for the overwhelming majority of foreigners in most of the EU member states. Only in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria and Slovakia were foreigners mainly citizens of another EU member state.