Poland among EU states with biggest road death drop

Przemysław Piątkowski/PAP

Poland was among the EU countries with the biggest fall in road deaths in 2021, recording an over 20-percent drop in fatalities compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019, the European Commission reported on Monday.

Such falls in road deaths were also recorded in Denmark, Belgium, Portugal and Lithuania, with rising figures in Latvia, Slovenia and Finland. In total, the EU road death rate in 2021 was 13 percent down compared to 2019, the Commission wrote in a report.

According to the report's authors, the lowest death rate in the EU was recorded in Sweden (18 deaths/million people), the highest in Romania (93/million).

For nine EU countries, including Poland, 2021 marked the lowest road death rate in their history.

The EU's road safety plan for 2021-2030 foresees a 50-percent drop in road accident deaths and heavy injuries by 2030.