Poland among countries claiming Mobility Package incompatible with EU law

Infrastructure ministers from nine EU countries, including Poland, which are against the EU's Mobility Package, wrote in a joint statement that the solutions, which were both protectionist and incompatible with EU laws, were unacceptable.

Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta and Romania have already filed a complaint with the EU Court of Justice against provisions of the EU Mobility Package regarding international road transport. Lithuania and Estonia plan to join the legal action.

The nine ministers wrote in their Wednesday statement that the Mobility Package rules "limit the freedom of services on the single EU market."

The officials said that, being of key importance for the economic reconstruction of the EU, effective road transport deserved regulations which are honest, efficient, business-friendly, and which help social inclusion.

The ministers believe that the recently adopted Mobility Package will be harmful to EU road hauliers, chiefly small and medium-sized ones, since its provisions "have been prepared in a completely different socio-economic reality from before the COVID pandemic."

According to the statement obtained by PAP, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Estonia and Latvia are of the opinion that the measures included in the Mobility Package have long exceeded the goals of the EU law reform regarding international road transport, and that they violate the EU treaties.

In the opinion of the nine countries, by means of introducing artificial administrative barriers in the functioning of road transport companies, the new regulations will distort the single EU market. The ministers also stated that the rules will increase both the prices of transport services and goods in the EU, which, in turn, will decrease the EU's global competitiveness.