Poland agrees to take in 500 Afghan refugees

Poland has agreed to accept 500 people evacuated from Afghanistan who cooperated with Nato, Michal Dworczyk, head of the prime minister's office, told PAP.

Thousands of Afghans with links to Nato and Western organisations were flown out of Kabul following the Taliban takeover of the city last month.

"As part of allied solidarity, Poland, in accordance with earlier arrangements, is accepting 500 Afghans who cooperated with Nato in Afghanistan," Dworczyk said.

"Fifty of them will remain in Poland while the rest will leave for their countries of destination within three months," Dworczyk added.

He announced later that the first flight, carrying 284 evacuees from a US air base in Ramstein, Germany, would arrive at around 18:00 on Friday in Poznan, western Poland.

"There they will go through all the procedures carried out by the Border Guard, by Polish services, and will arrive at one of Poznan's hotels, where they will live for the time being," Dworczyk explained. "First, 10-days' quarantine awaits them and then they will wait for passage to their destination countries.

"The Government Security Centre together with people sent from Nato headquarters will coordinate travel to those destination countries in the coming months," he said.

Poland has evacuated hundreds of people who cooperated with the Polish military contingent as well as others who cooperated with other Nato countries and international institutions.