Poland against stricter climate goals - PM

Morawiecki stressed that first a real compensation plan should be offered to countries, regions and industry. /PAP/EPA

Poland will not agree to stricter climate goals until a compensation mechanism for the member states is on the table, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday, commenting on the EU's currently prepared new climate strategy.

PM Morawiecki arrived in Brussels on Thursday for a two-day EU summit that was expected to focus on candidates for top EU jobs and the bloc's long-term climate goals.

Morawiecki said Brussels' declaration that tougher climate goals were necessary to achieve a just and responsible energy transformation was not enough to tighten the goals, as countries, regions and industry first had to be offered a feasible compensation plan.

Morawiecki noted that Western European countries consumed twice as much energy as Poland but considered themselves non-polluters as most of their industrial production has been moved to other parts of the world, mainly Asia. In this context he reminded that Poland could not afford to do the same, having been set back in its development by 50 years under communism, but has nonetheless managed to meet Kyoto greenhouse reduction goals.

One of the EU's planned new climate goals is the achievement of an equilibrium between CO2 emission and absorption by 2050.

Diplomatic sources revealed unofficially later in the day that Poland and the Czech Republic were blocking the adoption of the climate neutrality declaration as talks continued.