Poland again informs EU of pressure, provocations at Belarus border

Poland's permanent representative to the EU has again informed EU ambassadors of growing migratory pressure at the Polish-Belarusian border as well as an increase in provocations from Belarusian uniformed services.

PAP has learnt that at a closed meeting, Andrzej Sados told his EU counterparts of a huge and constant growth in the number of illegal border-crossing attempts from Belarus. Since the start of October, over 6,000 such attempts have been made while in September there were 7,500.

Sados also said that most attempts had been foiled due to the resources Poland has deployed in the border area. He presented a Polish Border Guard video showing attempts to force the border, on which Belarusians could be seen transporting migrants and organising illegal crossings.

He added that provocations by Belarusian services had intensified and that recently Belarusian soldiers had fired shots at Polish officers guarding the border though fortunately no live ammunition was used.

Sados also said that most migrants who had crossed the border and had been detained in Poland came from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia and Somalia, and that 44 percent of them had applied for international protection in Poland.

The Polish ambassador informed ambassadors that Poland was in contact with Frontex, the EU border and coast guard agency, whose director had recently visited the border area, as well as with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the matter of humanitarian aspects of the crisis.