Poland advances in PwC tax burden ranking

Poland has been upped two places in the ranking of EU countries for tax and mandatory insurance burden, an advisory firm, PwC report has shown.

The report compared how much single taxpayers and families could retain as their net earnings in 2020 after deducting tax and social and health insurance dues.

Poland ranked 14th in the EU for such burden on single taxpayers and 17th when it comes to families, up two places in both categories compared to 2019. Single Poles can retain 72 percent of their gross earnings while families can keep 77 percent.

However, Poland is still below the EU average of 73 percent for individuals and 79 percent for families.

According to PwC, Poland's advance can be mainly attributed to the reduction of the lowest tax threshold to 17 percent and raising the tax-deductible income amount.

PwC also observes that unlike in many EU countries, the government's coronavirus crisis aid in Poland is focused more on companies and less on people who have lost their jobs.