Poland a potential host for next season's neutral matches - UEFA

Adam Ciereszko/PAP

Poland is one of the countries in which football matches might be played next season, which could not be played in their original location due to the coronavirus pandemic, UEFA has announced.

Matches on neutral ground will also be held in Greece, Cyprus and Hungary.

A teleconference was held on Thursday between the UEFA leadership and 55 national soccer federations, during which a return to competitive play in the new season was discussed in the context of the current global health situation. The club situation was analysed as well as national and youth teams.

"For club competitions, the discussion focused on the upcoming qualification rounds and a detailed explanation was given of the recently published Annex I to the 2020/21 UCL/UEL competition regulations which deals with travel restrictions and positive tests for COVID-19, which may have an impact on the continuity of the competitions," UEFA wrote on its website.

"It was stressed that, in order to comply with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements issued by authorities, some matches may need to be moved to neutral countries/stadia and the detailed scenarios were presented," the communique continued.

Poland thanked four national associations for their cooperation (Poland, Hungary, Greece and Cyprus) as a result of which "it has been able to provide neutral venue hubs, with these countries making some of their stadiums available on the scheduled match dates and offering a travelling corridor to the teams to come and play the match without restrictions."

The issue of fans returning to stadiums was also discussed, though the situation throughout Europe is very diverse.

"UEFA is constantly monitoring the evolution of the regulatory landscape in the different countries and a review of the situation is planned around mid-August to see if the current decision of playing all matches behind closed doors can be at least partially changed," the organisation stated.

Concerning youth matches, it was proposed that the majority of games be postponed until spring 2021.

The next meeting will be held in late August.