Poland a big foreign market for Israelis - Israeli ambassador

PAP/Bartłomiej Zborowski

Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari told PAP in a joint interview with Polish Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz that Poland is a big foreign market for Israelis.

Ambassador Azari said that Poland and Israel were not equivalent countries, stressing that Poland is a big country while Israel is a small one. She expressed her opinion that both countries would learn from each other.

According to the diplomat, Poland is a new foreign market for Israelis. She stressed that when both sides begin building a bilateral platform for innovation development, they'll learn from each other.

The ambassador declared that this would make it possible for Israeli businessmen to learn how to cooperate with Europe, and with Poland. Our companies already cooperate with partners from all over the world, but we're always seeking new ones, she said, adding that although Poland was not a new market market for Israel, it was still an interesting one.

She also emphasised that Polish start-ups were an interesting project and expressed her opinion that venture capital funds could be useful in this field. The ambassador underlined that the Israeli fin-tech and medical sectors, as well as all kinds of cyber-related companies were also interested in Poland.

The Polish minister and Israeli ambassador also announced joint projects in order to develop bilateral economic relations: an "Innovation Train" (a train trip from Warsaw to Kraków) is planned for June 13, an "Impact'18" congress will be held in Kraków on June 13 and 14, and a Polish-Israeli Business Forum will take place in Tel Aviv on June 19.

The two officials also stressed that bilateral economic cooperation had been on the rise and that tourism development had helped the two nations to better learn from each other.

The "Innovation Train" is an Israeli Embassy project that is being carried out in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, PKP Intercity and the Impact Foundation. Plans provide for technology and innovation presentations, as well as B2B meetings during a 2.5-hour trip from Warsaw to Kraków (southern Poland), the ambassador said.

Impact'18 is Poland's largest technological conference in Poland. This year's third edition will likely be attended by 6,000 people from all over the world.

The business forum in Tel Aviv on June 19 will be organised for the first time. According to Minister Emilewicz, over 50 Polish companies have already declared their participation in the event.