09/09/2019 13/09/2019

Poland – Homeland of Tolerance. A mobile exhibition on migrants in the Polish Parliament

Homeland of Tolerance Global Shapers / Warsaw Hub

For centuries, Poland has been a multinational country with representatives of various cultures and religions living and working side by side, often fighting and even giving their lives for their homeland. The most important values professed were: honour, freedom, tolerance and hospitality. The exhibition “Poland – Homeland of Tolerance” explores these traditions and looks for their traces in the modern Polish society.

Is the Poland of 21st century an open, welcoming country? Is it becoming a home of choice for newcomers seeking a chance for better life?

By presenting the historical facts, such as the Warsaw Confederation, the first European act granting religious freedoms or the melting pot that was the Second Polish Republic alongside the examples of migrants currently living in Poland, the exhibition draws attention to the role they played in the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and their contribution to building the Polish society of today. In this context the organizers, Global Shapers Warsaw  Hub, hope to remind their viewers of the Polish society’s diversity, both in the past and present.

Global Shapers Warsaw Hub, a pro bono association, which is part of the international network established by the World Economic Forum, is the initiator of the exhibition. “As Global Shapers, we felt the need to create an exhibition that will show Poland from a different perspective - a country friendly and open to other cultures, as well as the value of diversity and migration for society,” said Anna Maria Rożek, one of the curators.

The Global Shapers Community consists of over 8,000 members and 400 hubs around the world. It gathers young people, who strive to drive dialogue, action and change in their local communities, apart from their various professional careers.

Currently, the exhibition can be viewed in Sejm – Polish Parliament. The organizers will be announcing the next venues where the it will be displayed in the coming weeks.