PM to meet with Orban and Salvini in Hungary

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will visit Budapest on Thursday to meet his Hungarian counterpart and the leader of Italy’s Eurosceptic, far-right Northern League party to discuss the possibility of forming a new grouping in the European Parliament.

Morawiecki said on Tuesday that various European issues would be discussed during his meeting with Hungary's Viktor Orban and Italy's Matteo Salvini, including political issues related to the functioning of the European Parliament and how to best implement the European agenda in the interests of all countries and, in particular, the interests of Poland, Hungary and Italy.

Bertalan Havasi, a spokesman for the Hungarian government, said on Tuesday that the meeting’s agenda includes the political alliance of Hungary's Fidesz, Poland's Law and Justice and Italy's Northern League.

Fidesz has been without a home in the European Parliament since it left the EPP grouping last month.

According to media reports, the talks may lead to the creation of a new group in the European Parliament.

Law and Justice MEPs have told PAP the meeting would be an opportunity to create a new force on the right in the European Parliament.

Matteo Salvini stated in an online interview for the Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday that he, together with the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary, would present a charter of common values and goals.

He pointed out that the League, Law and Justice and Fidesz share common European values which focus on work, prosperity, security, families and the Christian values on which Europe was founded.