PM threatens strong measures against anti-vaccination rioters

Poland's prime minister on Monday announced severe measures against anti-vaccination rioters after a Sunday night arson attack on an inoculation point in Zamosc, southeastern Poland.

Informing about the incident at a press conference, Mateusz Morawiecki also recalled a recent attack on an inoculation station in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, central Poland, where vaccination opponents attempted a forced entry into the building.

Describing the acts as "banditism", Morawiecki said the government will take "very strong" steps against similar incidents in future.

He also reminded that vaccination was crucial in halting an approaching fourth wave of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

"It is very important to stop the fourth wave. This is why... we shall react very severely to such incidents," Morawiecki said. He added that similar attacks have been reported from other parts of the country, and informed that from now on vaccination stations countrywide will be placed under raised security measures.

Poland's police chief Jaroslaw Szymczyk added that they will be protected around the clock.

According to Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, the arson incident was a terrorist act.

"I think this can be wrapped up in one statement: this was a terrorist act, a terrorist act aimed not only against employees of a regional sanitary (station - PAP), but against the state," Niedzielski said on Monday in Zamosc.

He added that anti-vaccination actions in face of the approaching fourth Covid wave raised the risk of a new lockdown and tighter pandemic restrictions. 

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