PM talks to US ambassador about Nord Stream 2, defence and business

Talks with US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher touched on many subjects, including the threat to CEE of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, defence, and business contacts between the two countries, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said in New York on Thursday.

Prime Minister Morawiecki was asked by a public TV broadcaster during his New York visit on Thursday about his meeting with the US ambassador. "It was a conversation on very many subjects," the PM reported. "The ambassador is specific, she has a great deal to say and lots of contacts in New York and Washington."

He added that during the meeting the subject of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline being built between Germany and Russia had been raised. The prime minister underscored that the project threatens the sovereignty of Ukraine and "in an evident way is harmful to Central Europe." According to him, the Americans also perceive it the same way.

"We also talked about military matters, or the presence of American soldiers (in Poland). I thanked the ambassador for the fact that three or four years ago there were only 250-300 NATO troops, today it is 4,600 and the number is rising," the prime minister commented.

In addition - he noted - the issue was raised of business contacts between Poland and the USA. "Here the ambassador is wonderfully orientated and I'm glad that she wants to draw American businesspeople to Poland, but also to open the door for Polish entrepreneurs who want to export goods and services to America," the PM concluded.