PM sends condolences to families of mining accident victims

Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moraiecki has forwarded condolences to the families of two miners killed in an accident in the Myslowice-Wesola coal mine in southern Poland on Thursday.

According to the Mining Office in Katowice, the cause of the Thursday's accident was a longwall collapse 665 metres below ground level.

"Tragic news from the Myslowice-Wesola mine. Two miners died as the result an accident, and two other miners were injured. I express my sympathy to the family and relatives of the victims and I assure you all possible support," wrote the prime minister.

The two-hour rescue operation was led by teams of mine rescuers from the mine and from two mine rescue stations.

Two other miners who were in the vicinity of the accident site had managed to escape from the danger zone, spokesman for the Polish Mining Group Tomasz Glogowski said.

The victims are the second and third work fatalities in the Polish mining industry this year. Last year, 16 miners were killed during work and, in 2019, there were 23 fatalities.