PM says vaccination levels crucial to control fifth Covid wave

Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

The intensity of the fifth pandemic wave will depend upon the willingness of people to get vaccinated, the prime minister said on Monday morning.

Speaking at the opening of a new section of Warsaw’s southern ring road Mateusz Morawiecki said that it was also important to comply with restrictions.

"Let us obey all the regulations," he said. "I encourage you to get vaccinated, because we can clearly see that it helps with a milder course of the disease, despite the fact that infections occur."

Although the fourth wave is, according to Morawiecki, "falling slightly" clouds remain on the horizon.

"Unfortunately, we are probably in danger of a fifth wave," he said. "Its height, intensity and risk are related to the level of vaccinations," he said.

"Deaths and the severe course of the disease show the value of vaccinations," Morawiecki added. "Let's make this a gift for our relatives, and reduce the likelihood of transmission of the virus."