PM says Ukraine war will end sooner rather than later

Poland's prime minister has said in an interview for TV portal Euronews that he believes the war in Ukraine will end "sooner rather than later" and that everything depends on the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people.

Mateusz Morawiecki also told the broadcaster that Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, was guilty of genocide in Ukraine.

Describing Russia as "totalitarian, nationalistic and imperial," Morawiecki said the Kremlin wanted to recreate the Russian empire and a state in the post-Soviet style.

"I think the war will finish sooner rather than later," the prime minister said. "It all depends on the courage and determination of Ukrainians. And so everybody should grateful for their exceptional bravery and bravado, and for what they are doing to defend their independence and freedom."

But the prime minister added that there can be no return to "business as usual."

"Women and children are being killed. Russia has committed genocide and war crimes in Ukraine," he said.

Morawiecki added that over EUR 6 billion in aid for Ukraine raised at an event in Warsaw on Thursday was more than he had expected. "But such a sum of money does not suffice for Ukraine's colossal needs," he said.