PM says “strong Europe is in our common interest”

PM says 'strong Europe is in our common interest'. Leszek Szymański/PAP

Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, has said that a “strong Europe is in our common interest” and that Poles are “committed Europeans”.

His comments, which will be published on May 3 in an article for the French newspaper L’Opinion, come as the country marked the 15th anniversary of its accession to the European Union on May 1, 2004.

The prime minister added that the EU faced many problems such as the euro crisis, migration and Brexit and therefore the project needs to be re-invented so that it maintains its appeal to Europeans.

“Poles are committed Europeans and believe that a strong Europe is in our common interest, but a strong and democratic Europe will be impossible without economically strong nation states,” he wrote. “This is what we have learnt from our 15 years in the EU.”

The prime minister’s emphases on the importance of the nation state reflects the government’s reservations over greater European integration, and its belief that the nation state is the fundamental building block of the EU.

Morawiecki’s article is just one of a number on Poland that will be published in L’Opinion to mark the signing of the Polish constitution on May 3, 1791. The constitution, considered to be the first in Europe, is of significant historical importance to Poland and its signing is marked by a national holiday.