PM says Poland is on top of the pandemic

Marcin Obara/PAP

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday that Poland was on top of the coronavirus pandemic and had managed the crisis better than some of the world's richest countries.

Announcing further easing of the social restrictions put in place to stem the virus's spread, Morawiecki said three months ago the government had set itself clear goals that were simple to set but difficult to achieve, highlighting the fact that there had been no lack of hospital beds, ventilators or other medical supplies.

He said the last three months, since the discovery of the first coronavirus infection in the country, had not been an easy time, that over 20,000 people had become infected and more than 1,000 had died.

He said Poland had not had to take "such dramatic choices" as Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium or Germany. "Choices that meant that some people could survive, had a chance of survival, and other had no chance," he said.

"Today it needs to be underscored with full force - the data most clearly prove that we have got on top of this disease, coronavirus pandemic, in a much more effective way than wealthier countries, the richest countries in the world, the countries of Western Europe," the PM continued.

In this context, Morawiecki cited data on the number of deaths per million inhabitants. "Twenty-seven deaths per million inhabitants, in comparison with other countries, for example Belgium, it is 30 times lower," he said, pointing also to Sweden and Germany.