PM raises alert level to CHARLIE-CRP

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday signed a decree increasing the alert level regarding threats in cyberspace from ALFA-CRP to CHARLIE-CRP; it is to be in place until March 4, Janusz Cieszyński, the government's plenipotentiary for cybersecurity, told PAP.

"The reasons for the decision are primarily the situation in Ukraine and information about events that took place in Poland. To ensure an increased level of protection of critical infrastructure, the government decided to introduce the CHARLIE-CRP alert level. This is the third of the four provided for in the act," Cieszyński told PAP.

From mid-February, the ALFA-CRP alert level was in force throughout the country. CRP levels are introduced in the event of a terrorist threat that concerns public administration ICT systems or systems that are part of the critical infrastructure. ALFA is the first level of alarm, BRAVO - the second, CHARLIE - the third, and DELTA - the fourth, the highest.

By Monday's order of the Prime Minister, the ALFA-CRP rank was increased to CHARLIE-CRP. "At the moment, we assume that this increased level of emergency threat will apply until next Friday, March 4, but as always in such situations, this period is adapted to the development of the situation. If something changes in this matter, we will of course inform about it," said Cieszyński.