PM praises Polish firemen in Greece


Poland's prime minister on Thursday praised Polish firefighters currently in Greece to fight a wave of wildfires that have laid waste to hectares of forests around the Greek capital.

Mateusz Morawiecki tweeted on Thursday that the fire unit will remain in Greece as long as it is needed.

"You never leave someone in need. The Polish firefighters will fight (the fires in Greece) as long as necessary," Morawiecki wrote.

Earlier Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Micotakis tweeted his thanks for Poland's assistance in the fire crisis, adding that his country and people were happy to have the Polish fire team "by their side."

A team of 143 Polish firemen equipped with 46 special vehicles are in Greece since August 7 to help fight a wave of heavy fires caused by extremely hot weather.

The Polish firemen are expected to remain in Greece another two weeks.