PM pledges to nurture sport among Poland's youth

Morawiecki praised sport as character-building. Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

Visiting two sites of new sporting infrastructure investments in Silesia (southern Poland) on Monday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said developing such facilities was crucial to Poland's national sporting performance and the development of youth.

He also said the government's programme included year-round training facilities where various sporting facilities could be practised.

The prime minister along with Sport and Tourism Minister Witold Bańka visited the 'Sports Masters School' in Tychy, Silesia, and viewed a new football training hall built with financial support from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Morawiecki praised sport as character-building and said Poland intended to create the necessary conditions to nurture sport with a view to achieving greater national success. "We want today (...) to create the conditions for the development of young people. We want young people to practise sport; sport teaches character, discipline, endurance, we very often need these things in adult life," he said.

Speaking later at the Ernest Pohl Stadium in Zabrze, Silesia, where new training facilities are due to be built, the prime minister said Poland needed to catch up with other European countries.

"This is one part of our activities, those aimed at young people being able to train in similar conditions as their peers either in richer countries, which we're chasing - which soon, I hope, we will have caught up with - or in the countries of southern Europe, where they have much better weather (...)," he said.