PM Morawiecki's policy speech likely next week - aide

PM Morawiecki's policy speech likely next week Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who is going to be appointed for a new term of office soon, will probably deliver his policy speech in parliament early next week, PM's Office head Michal Dworczyk said on Wednesday.

The PM and his new cabinet must be appointed by the president.

"I believe that the most probable date of the policy speech is next week (...), most likely the first half of next week," Dworczyk told the private broadcaster Radio Plus.

On Wednesday, PAP learnt unofficially from a source close to the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) leadership that President Andrzej Duda will designate Morawiecki as the prime minister on Thursday, that the president will appoint the cabinet on Friday and that Morawiecki will deliver his policy speech on Tuesday.

Still, the final decision rests with the president, the source added.

On Tuesday night, Duda accepted the resignation of Morawiecki's cabinet, asking him at the same time to continue with his duties until the new government is appointed.

On Friday, Morawiecki presented the line-up of his new cabinet that will consist of 20 ministers. There will be three new ministries and one will be shut down.

According to the constitution, the president has 14 days after accepting the resignation to appoint a new cabinet. When the new government is appointed, the new prime minister presents the government's programme in the form of a policy speech in the Sejm (lower house). The Sejm then takes a vote of confidence in the new cabinet.