PM Morawiecki staunchly defends Poland's stand on Nord Stream 2 - spokesperson

Poland's stand on Nord Stream 2 remains unchanged, government spokesperson Joanna Kopcinska said Tuesday commenting on talks between Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki and German Chancellor Angel Merkel in Warsaw on Monday.

Asked by a private radio broadcaster whether something has changed regarding the Nord Stream 2 project, Kopcinska said: "Poland's stand remain unchanged. Mateusz Morawiecki is firmly presenting (Poland's stance). It is important that the PM of the Polish government is defending Poland's interests, including energy security."

Kopcinska stressed that the issue of the Nord Stream 2 project is being raised during every talk.

"There are concrete arguments which the (German-PAP) chancellor accepts. We are waiting for the results of talks, negotiations. Such a difficult topic must be discussed numerous times and one has to be persistent," noted the spokesperson. She added that Poland is counting on "a positive answer, as this is not only about energy security but equally about the security of European countries."

She added that there was "no breakthrough," but noted that there are "talks and Poland's firm and unchanging stance."

Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine oppose the project, arguing that Russia's partial dependence on Ukraine for the transfer of its natural gas to Western Europe keeps Moscow in check and prevents it from blackmailing Eastern Europe with gas cuts.

The German government supports the project, claiming it is a business venture, not a political one.

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