Prime Minister dismisses 17 deputy ministers

PM Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday dismissed 17 deputy ministers and announced further government dismissals over the coming weeks.

Commenting on the changes at a press conference, Morawiecki said they were not personal or political, but meant to improve the government's work. He added that further changes in the government's structure and functioning were planned to make it "more admin-orientated and less political."

Morawiecki said the changes were also designed to foster better co-operation between government agencies, which tended to close themselves off in their work. He also informed that a currently prepared bill will change the official status of deputy ministers from nominated officials to regular civil servants. Morawiecki said his aim was to reduce the minister and deputy minister count in the government by 20-25 percent in the coming months.

Also planned, Morawiecki said, was the annulment of all bonuses for ministers and their deputies.

Dismissed deputy ministers were from the Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways Ministry, the Energy Ministry, the Entrepreneurship and Technology Ministry, the Environment Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, the Science and Higher Education Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Digitisation Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Infrastructure Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office.

Beata Mazurek, spokesperson for Poland's ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) said on Monday that the government reshuffle will be continued.