PM defends government economic strategy

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, has defended his government’s coronavirus economic strategy saying “it was, and is, right”.

The prime minister told Monday's edition of the Gazeta Polska newspaper that the strategy had worked because it had been based on state financial support rather EU funding, and should benefit the country once the pandemic has receded.

"Once we get rid of the root cause of our troubles - the coronavirus - we will be able to rapidly make up any losses, and even go on the offensive," said Morawiecki. "Moreover, the information shows that the strategy to save the economy adopted by our government was, and is, right. We organised it by ourselves without EU funds, without waiting for any external support, and this has brought results."

The prime minister stressed that the government is using all means possible to protect the economy and to avoid a collapse in the industrial sector.

According to official data, industrial output grew by 5 percent y/y in November, and this helps show, he said, the strength of the Polish economy.

The government has faced criticism from some business owners, who claim that new lockdown restrictions were harming the economy. But Morawiecki defended the restrictions, saying they were necessary to prepare the country for the vaccination campaign, and a possible third wave of the epidemic.

Large scale vaccinations, Morawiecki said, will probably begin at the turn of January and February. "If by then the epidemic has gained pace, then we will have a serious problem," said the prime minister.