PM criticises "selfish" Nord Stream 2 deal

Artur Reszko/PAP

Poland's prime minister has criticised a US-German agreement on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline describing it as the "selfish" act of Poland' allies.

On Wednesday, the United States agreed to lift its sanctions on companies involved in the project in exchange for Germany pledging to invest in Ukrainian projects and impose sanctions on Russia should it adopt a hostile policy.

"I express my disapproval that our allies approached the construction of this gas pipeline in a selfish way... from the start, when that idea emerged, we tried to persuade our American and European allies that it is a project that helps to arm Russia," Mateusz Morawiecki said, commenting on the deal on Thursday.

He added that a US U-turn on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline had amazed many countries.

Central and Eastern European countries argue the pipeline, which bypasses their region, could be used by the Kremlin to exert pressure on the EU's eastern members and Ukraine.

"Russia is a state that arms itself very strongly, has many possibilities in this field, that's why from the start we considered this to be a bad project," Morawiecki said.

He added that five years ago, Poland took a decision to become independent of Russia in terms of energy supplies.

"Today we are much better situated and Russian blackmail, which still threatened us until recently, does not threaten us today," he said.

"We realise that the construction of the pipeline will probably be successful," he went on. "However, we Poles are safe due to our preventative actions."