PM condemns aggression against journalists

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has stated that aggression against journalists, including cases of assault and battery as well as property damage, should be firmly condemned.

"Aggression directed against journalists, including the incidents of assault and battery as well as property damage, should be firmly condemned, while their perpetrators should take into account serious consequences," Morawiecki wrote in a letter to Krzysztof Czabanski, the National Media Council head, which was obtained by PAP.

The prime minister's letter is a response to Czabanski's request for urgent steps designed to ensure the security of journalists reporting on demonstrations as well as of their editorial offices and equipment.

In his letter to Morawiecki, Czabanski recalled a number of recent incidents of aggression against journalists by participants in demonstrations organised by the Women's Strike.

The prime minister wrote that the safety of journalists was of fundamental importance and that such incidents made him deeply concerned "since journalists have a special role in the democratic system."

"The physical safety of journalists is a fundamental condition of their ability to perform their profession, and, as such, is the foundation of freedom of speech and public life in Poland," Morawiecki wrote.

The prime minister also declared that the Interior Ministry and its services, including the police, have been taking decisive steps to ensure the security of reporters during demonstrations. He added that the security of journalists was a priority.