PM calls on EU to open up competition in service sector

PM calls on EU to open up competition in service sector Olivier Hoslet/POOL/PAP/EPA

The EU should broaden the scope of freedom on the common market especially the freedom of services, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said ahead of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday.

The PM stated that Poland is opposed to limitations on competition in the EU. A discussion of the common market is planned for the second day of an extraordinary sitting of the European Council, which started on Thursday.

The head of the Polish government noted that the internal market is the greatest economic value that led to the creation first of the European Economic Community (EEC) and later the EU.

"Everyone agrees in theory that the area of communitarisation should be broadened, the area of freedom broadened, especially the freedom to provide services, though later, very often (on the part of) the rich countries of the West, especially from Brussels, there come signals of limiting competition in the service sector," he said.

The prime minister stated that not only does Poland not agree with this, but it believes that it is discrimination against the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and reduces the competitiveness of the whole European Union. He announced that he would definitely draw attention to the issue during the summit.