PM calls for enhanced cybersecurity cooperation in CEE region

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Cybersecurity cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is a necessity, Poland's prime minister wrote in a letter read at the opening of the CEE Digital Summit in Warsaw on Thursday.

Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in the letter that cyberspace was a field of modern warfare. "It is no longer a matter of defence against disinformation, at stake is resistance to hybrid attacks which can paralyse the state's critical infrastructure," Morawiecki wrote.

He added that the aggressor's methods are changing but the aims remain the same - to divide societies, break up alliances and disrupt markets.

Morawiecki wrote that the CEE region is particularly exposed to this type of aggression. "For this reason we must act and strengthen digital cooperation." According to him, the key to this is not only cooperation between governments but also between internet platforms.

"Cybersecurity is a team game, without trust built through solidarity in action we will not manage to counteract the flow of disinformation," Morawiecki argued.