PM calls for dialogue in abortion conflict

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appealed for dialogue between the government and protesters over a recent top-court ruling that will ban abortions due to severe foetal damage, which has provoked mass anti-government demonstrations across the country.

Despite soaring coronavirus infection rates, the protests have shown no sign of abating.

"That is why I address a special appeal to the participants of the recent protests and to the opposition, please let us sit down for talks. Let our disputes not take place on the streets and let them not be the cause of further illnesses," Morawiecki said in a short video published on Facebook on Monday.

The prime minister added that everyone has to take a responsible approach in the fight against the pandemic because the situation was difficult.

Accepting that the government's decisions regarding new anti-virus restrictions may seem incomprehensible, he said the government will now try to explain them on social media.

The prime minister also apologised to business owners who suffered financial losses owing to the decision to close cemeteries in Poland for three days (Oct. 31-Nov.2).

The prime minister assured entrepreneurs who might suffer losses as a result of the closures that the government would grant them financial support.