PM appoints new anti-corruption chief, security dep head

Andrzej Strozny was named as the new head of Poland's Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), Daniel Karpeta as his deputy and Bartosz Jarmuszkiewicz as deputy chief of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) on Thursday.

CBA deputy head Grzegorz Ocieczek was also recalled, PAP was told by Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesperson for the minister-coordinator of special services.

Strozny has been acting head of CBA since February 20, when his predecessor, Ernest Bejda, ended his four-year term of office. Strozny has been working for Poland's special services since 2006, and before that was a police official.

Earlier, Strozny had been director of the Katowice branch of the Internal Security Agency (ABW).

Heads of special services are appointed by the prime minister, following recommendations from a parliamentary committee, as well as the president and a government special services body.

Last Thursday, the Sejm (lower house) Special Services Committee endorsed Strozny's and Karpeta's candidacies.