PM announces changes in animal protection laws

Compensation schemes for affected breeders are among the proposed changes to Poland's new animal protection act, PM Mateusz Morawiecki told a press conference on Monday. Present at the conference was Agriculture Minister Grzegorz Puda.

Passed by the Sejm (upper house) in September, the animal bill, which among others bans fur farming, the use of animals for entertainment and exports of ritual slaughter meat, is currently under debate in Senate (upper house) committees.

Another novelty in the bill is the foundation of a National Animal Protection Inspectorate to oversee animal breeding and livestock maintenance, Morawiecki said. He added that the inspectorate will be the only body authorised to rule on animal breeding methods and animal maintenance in Poland.

He also said that the vacatio legis period on the new laws will be extended until January 1 2022 to give affected breeders time to adjust.

"We will propose this vacatio legis, we want to do this so that producers (...) and breeders of fur and ritual slaughter animals can better prepare themselves. The vacation legis period will be extended from the initial date," Morawiecki said.

Morawiecki also announced compensation plans for animal breeders most affected by the new laws, especially fur farmers. He said work on the compensation mechanisms will begin in 2022.

Puda said his ministry has already called up a commission to oversee the preparation of the compensation solutions. He added that the compensation programme was inititially only intended for breeders, but will now be extended to include farmers.