Plenipotentiary for contact with Jewish diaspora dismissed

Poland’s foreign minister has sacked the government plenipotentiary for contacts with the Jewish diaspora following his criticism of the government in a press interview.

On Monday, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lukasz Jasina, tweeted that Zbigniew Rau had taken the decision to dismiss Jaroslaw Marek Nowak from his position on 8 January.

Nowak appears to have angered the foreign minister with his interview for the UK's 'Jewish News' weekly newspaper.

He called the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance - which was to prevent Poland from being attributed co-responsibility for the Holocaust - "one of the stupidest amendments ever to appear in the law."

He also said that Poland "at some point" would have to address the issue of restitution of Jewish property.

"There are a number of ideas being discussed in Poland right now," he added. "Maybe it will be a very symbolic compensation like it was in the Czech Republic or Hungary, maybe it will be something else."

The government has so far ruled out financial compensation.