PKP Cargo plans to launch permanent connection with China

Polish rail freight carrier PKP Cargo is planning to launch a permanent intermodal connection with China soon, in response to the interest of Polish producers in exporting food in containers, PKP Cargo has said in a press release.

The strategy of the PKP Cargo Group assumes the development of intermodal transport, in which cargo is carried by various means within several different modes of transport.

At the beginning of June, PKP Cargo Connect launched operator trains and, soon, their network will be gradually expanded. The service also provides container transport by truck from the rail terminal to cargo recipients.

PKP Cargo said that the operator trains were running according to fixed timetables. In the case of regular freight trains, the timetables are often changed ad hoc and there is no travel time guarantee, which from the customer's point of view significantly complicates the planning of the logistics chain.