PKN Orlen to develop stations in Slovakia by Stop Cafe points

Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

Polish fuel group PKN Orlen has announced that Slovak Orlen Group facilities with non-fuel sales and self-service stations will be extended by Stop Cafe points in 2020.

The company said that Orlen's stations in Slovakia had sold nearly 3 million litres of Verva and Efecta fuels, produced by the refineries of the Czech Republic's Unipetrol, a subsidiary of Orlen.

Orlen's plans include eight Slovak stations with non-fuel products and two self-service stations running under the Benzina Expres brand.

CEO at PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek said that Orlen's petrol stations in Slovakia, operating under the combined brands of Benzina and Orlen, will also sell Polish non-fuel products. In his opinion, this will strengthen the company's position on the market.

PKN Orlen announced that Slovak Orlen Group facilities with non-fuel sales will be successively adapted to the group's network standards in force in other countries, by implementing, for example, the Stop Cafe format.

The Orlen Group formally entered the Slovak market in April, when its first petrol station was launched in Malacky, near the Slovak-Czech border.

Unipetrol, part of the Orlen Group, operates on the retail markets of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Lithuania. Benzina is a dominant fuel company in the Czech Republic.