PKN Orlen plans to open 1,000 e-car charging stations in Poland by 2030

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Poland's largest oil and gas company, PKN Orlen, will open at least 1,000 electric car charging stations in the country by end-2030, the company has said.

At the moment, Orlen has 470 such facilities in Poland and 63 abroad, in Germany and the Czech Republic.

In a press release published on Tuesday, the company also said that by the end of 2026 it will launch 434 e-car charging stations in Germany, where it owns around 600 fuel stations.

According to a report by the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM) and the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA), the total number of charging stations for electric cars in Poland reached 2,232 at the end of June this year.

According to the PSPA, Poland should have at least 10 times more stations than it currently has and could be facing fines from the EU for failing to meet a new regulation reportedly being prepared in Brussels.

According to the website, the EU Parliament is considering imposing sanctions on member states for delays in charging infrastructure roll-out. In line with a new proposal by the European Parliament's transport committee, at least one charger should be available for every 60 kilometres of main routes by 2026.