PKN Orlen plans to build first SMR in three years' time

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

PKN Orlen, Poland's leading oil and gas company, has plans to build the first Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in Poland in three years time, the company’s CEO said on Thursday.

During the 7th Congress of Polish Capital which took place in Warsaw, Daniel Obajtek pointed out that new technologies were essential. "Through them, we seek security," he said.

"We are planning to build the first SMR in Poland in three years' time," Obajtek said adding that nuclear power plants (NPP) were "a good way to go," but indicated that "the next steps should be MMRs and SMRs (micro modular reactors and small modular reactors – PAP)."

"We cannot backtrack the investment processes," he said and added that one had to look at how much business invests in modern technologies. He pointed out that PKN Orlen was not accumulating capital, but investing it.

"We must have a flywheel for the economy – a company which will have capital, profits and technologies," Obajtek added.

Orlen Synthos Green Energy, at the beginning of July, submitted an application for an assessment of SMR technology to the National Atomic Energy Agency.