Pictures on porcelain depict ‘Frozen Time’

In this episode of The Debrief, we speak to Marek Cecuła, a veteran ceramic artist who also leads the design office at Ćmielów porcelain factory, about a new exhibition commemorating the Jewish people of Kielce in southern Poland.

The installation was created by Cecuła and put on display at the Museum of the History of Kielce as part of an exhibition commemorating the history of the city’s Jews, whose population was all but wiped out by Nazi atrocities in World War II, as well as the Kielce Pogrom in 1946.

“It is about people living at home and life, so I thought that a porcelain plate would be good material [to work with], it’s such a domestic product,” Marek Cecuła tells host John Beauchamp.

More about Marek Cecuła’s work can be found HERE.

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