Percentage of power generated by coal falls says grid operator

The share of coal in Poland's power generation fell to 47.44 percent in October from 48.77 percent in October 2022, according to data provided by the Polish power grid operator PSE.

Lignite-based power plants supplied 19.58 percent of power production in October, down from 27.11 percent in the prior year period.

Gas-fired power plants generated 7.79 percent of energy compared to 5.42 percent in October 2022.

Wind power plants supplied 17.83 percent of energy, up from 11.83 percent from a year before while hydropower accounted for 1.62 percent of produced energy, slightly more than a year ago (1.57 percent).

Renewables other than water and wind provided 5.74 percent of the entire volume, up from 5.30 percent in October 2022. 

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