Pentagon says US will seek to enhance its force presence in Poland

Erik S. Lesser/PAP/EPA

The United States will maintain and seek to increase the rotational force in Poland, the Pentagon said in a statement summarising Washington's new commitments to European security announced on Wednesday.

The commitment reflects a desire in Western government for more troops in Central and Eastern Europe owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

"The United States will... continue to maintain, and seek to enhance, its substantial rotational force presence in Poland, including an Armored Brigade Combat Team, Combat Aviation Brigade element, and Division Headquarters element, which enables DoD (US Department of Defence - PAP)to deploy combat forces up and down the Eastern Flank," the statement read.

The Pentagon also said that the establishment of the permanent forward command of the US Army V Corps, announced on Wednesday in Madrid by President Joe Biden, is the first permanent deployment of US forces on Nato's eastern flank.

"This action builds on the central role Poland has played in supporting NATO’s combat credible deterrence and defence posture," the statement read.

The role of Poland was also highlighted by the Pentagon's representative, Celeste Wallander, during a telephone briefing.

She said that Poland was a strong ally in Nato, a country that had made its own decisions on increasing defence spending and combat capabilities while modernising its armed forces.