Passenger numbers plummet at Warsaw airport in December

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Warsaw Chopin Airport saw passengers number drop by 84 percent in December compared to 2019 owing to the continuous effects of pandemic restrictions.

Only 224,000 passengers were serviced by the airport in December, according to a statement issued by the airport.

In the entire year, the drop was 70.9 percent, with 5.48 million passengers handled, the airport added.

The airport serviced 4.87 million passengers on international flights and 613,000 on domestic routes in 2020 and the drops were 71.5 and 65.2 percent, respectively, the airport said.

"The closing of borders and the introduction of flight bans caused 2020 to be the most difficult year in the post-war history of the whole of civil aviation," said Piotr Rudzki, a spokesperson for the airport.

Adding to the airport’s woes was a 75.1 percent decline, over the year, in the number of takeoffs and landings.

With cargo flights, the airport fared a bit better, with an annual drop of 23.3 percent in terms of tonnage. Mail transport slumped by 55.5 percent.

Rudzki expressed hope that the vaccination programmes introduced all over the world would improve the situation.

"The hunger for travel is huge so we are optimistic that the demand for airport services will increase along with the lifting of restrictions," he said.

Warsaw Chopin is the largest airport in Poland.